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Takara Toys-The Makers of the Microman Toys and the place where all the stuff on this site came from.

Other Sites Maintained by me:
Feil's Files-  A site dedicated to the Japanese TRPG Wares Blade, where magic and machinery combine.  If you like fantasy and mecha you'll love this one.
Panzer World Galient-  This is a site that I put together to gather all the information I've been able to collect on this 1984 classic anime.
Record of Lost Heroes-  I am a Lodoss Wars Fanatic and this site contains much of the translations that I have done over the years.
World War Two Mekton-  The place to go when you want to cruise around World War Two in mechanized robots.

If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at taro111@hotmail.com

Legal Stuff-  All contents of this site are copyright by their respective owners.  All images are copyright by Takara Toys and are used here strictly to promote their products.  We want cooler toys, we want Microman!